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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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The Star & Four of Water & Eight of Earth

December 29, 2016


Three cards popped right out of the deck for you today:


Situation: The new direction you are going in continues. Your intuition is guiding you to make long term plans. Look around you, there is nothing stopping you from being happy and fulfilled. Let The Star ensure you that you have nothing to worry about, life is really this beautiful.


Challenge: Life is good and you are moving in a new direction, so your ego starts to whisper in your ear to pull you back. The Four of Water shows clearly that the ego doesn’t like change, even if it’s for your highest and best good. It prefers you being discontent and even bored, which will keep you exactly where you are now. You challenge is to say thank you to your ego, thank you for your advice, but today I choose to think different thoughts.


Action Advice: The best way to move forward is learning something new. Let the Eight of Earth inspire you to start reading that book you’ve had, research the subject you’ve always wanted to explore, register for that course you’ve been meaning to do. Learning about new topics keeps your mind active, stops you stagnating and keeps your ego busy.

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