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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Eleventh Sacred Night

January 1, 2017


1. January

Represents the month of November

Topic: Birth of the New Year


Today we set intentions for the year to come. One really good way of doing this is by sending heart felt wishes and blessings to your friends and family.


Blessing your home and work-space will set positive intentions for each individual room.

Spray spring, holy, or moon water into every corner and the middle of the room and bless the room according to its purpose.


Kitchen: May our kitchen be blessed and be the hub of the home in which the most wonderful food and beverages are lovingly prepared.

Lounge: May our lounge be blessed and be a popular venue for loving, kind and gentle people to meet, relax and have loving conversations.

Bedroom: May our bedroom be blessed and be the loving cradle that rocks us into a deep, relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.


You can also bless the Year by placing flowers or lights near trees or giving them to the water. This way the blessings are absorbed deep into the heart of Mother Earth.


It’s also a very good time to hold prayers for Peace. Peace within yourself, Peace within all others and Peace within our beloved Mother Earth, our great Goddess.


It’s all about honouring our great Father, who blesses us with the potential of this New Year and our great Mother, who gives birth to it and nurtures it.


Connecting to your own inner light:

  • Light a candle for the New Year

  • Become still and concentrate on your breath

  • Connect to your inner golden light

  • Ask for Blessings for the New Year for your life

  • Invite the gold into your life

  • Bless the New Year by visualizing golden light flowing into your Crown Chakra and from there into your heart and then into your hands

  • Visualize each of the next 12 months and send blessings wrapped in golden light into each of them

  • Visualize exactly how you are sending this blessing into each new month

  • Observe your feelings and the flow of energy for each month

  • Make a note of your feelings for each month in your journal

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