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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Twelfth Sacred Night

January 2, 2017


2. January

Represents the month of December

Topic: Clearing


Just like on the night of transformation with the Violet Flame, today you get another chance to clear everything that hasn’t gone so well over the last eleven days and nights, and with that reverse your fortune for the coming year.


Let everything come to you, don’t force it. Read your journal and really go within. How does it make you feel? Make a note of all of the feelings that come up while you are re-reading everything you have felt over the last eleven nights.


Take your time and re-visit every moment, every feeling, every word you have written down.

What wasn’t so great?

Which signs didn’t feel good?

What has stressed you?


When you are ready, start visualizing or thinking about everything that makes you feel lonely, inadequate, sad, angry, hurt, resentful or full of worry.

  • Visualize the Violet Flame as it starts to blaze and glow around all those incidents.

  • See how the occurrences are starting to dissolve and how they are transformed into joyful, glowing images.

  • Feel the joy and gratitude about the transformation.

  • Hold this vision of the new images and dip them into crystal white light.

  • Visualise how the blessings are flowing over and through these images, blessing your visions.

  • Now let it go, safe in the knowledge that you are unconditionally loved by the universe.


Or you can write all negative occurrences on one piece of paper.

Then take a second piece of paper and put a positive spin on all those incidents (for example: it rained today to cleanse the earth and all of our souls; there was a storm today to blow away our cobwebs and help us move forward; I had a reminder to pay my bill so that I won’t forget; etc.).

Then burn the first piece of paper containing the negative feelings to transform it.


After you have cleared everything, pray for the year ahead. Send loving, compassionate and affirming wishes surrounded with gold shining sparkles into this coming year. Pray for peace and love to fill yourself, your surroundings and Mother Earth.

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