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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Ace of Autumn

March 1, 2017


Today is a new roll of the dice, a new opportunity will show up for you which has to do with finances, your home and/or learning. This will help shake you out of your stubborn ego thinking.


Changes are afoot, and just as the wheel of the year is turning and we welcome a new month, your life is also changing. Go with the flow and start listening to the wonderful advice you are constantly receiving.


When you ask for help it’s important to then get out of the way, so that the advice can come through. This means keep your ego busy with daily mundane tasks, so that you can hear the heavenly advice and follow your intuition.


There is no reason to ask over and over again, as this just blocks you from receiving the answers that are trying to come through. Also, giving an exact list of how you want it to be answered will only block you from being guided in the most ingenious ways.


Let the Ace of Autumn inspire you to open yourself up to seeing the beauty and magic around you. Take some time to yourself today to go within through meditation, or take a walk outside in nature to calm you and help you connect to your higher self.

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