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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Justice & Prince of Autumn & Queen of Summer

March 9, 2017


Situation – Justice

You judge yourself and others rather harshly. This shuts you down and keeps you from understanding the full situation. Quite honestly, most judgments about others are based on snippets of incomplete information.


Mostly we judge others in areas that we feel weakest. It reveals our soft spots, our insecurities. This then causes us to judge ourselves even more harshly than before, and brings up all sorts of anxieties about our own lives and our own perceived failings.


All this disapproving and judging of others and yourself leads to you treating yourself rather badly. You give yourself up to please others, as you need their approval to feel that you are okay.


Let Justice inspire you to make fair and objective decisions about yourself and others.


Heart – Prince of Autumn

In your heart you already know that it would be so much better if you sent Love into the situation you are judging.


Shine your light of Love and try to be accepting of your own quirks and those of others. We are all unique beings and every one of us has different eccentricities.


The more others annoy you with their behaviour, the more Love you need to send to yourself and the situation. Love will help you stand back and become more positive about yourself and those you are judging.


Let the Prince of Autumn inspire you to be kind and loving towards yourself and others.


Challenge – Queen of Summer

Your biggest challenge is not to lose your own sense of self. It’s important for you to turn inward and see how you are truly feeling, as you seem to have lost touch with your own emotions. You are either overemotional or struggling to find an emotional reaction.


To be able to Love others, you first need to learn how to truly Love Yourself, warts and all. Only when you are well and full of Love, are you able to share yourself with the world.


Let the Queen of Summer inspire you to listen to your heart and follow its guidance.

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