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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Life Experience

March 11, 2017


Accessing your inner guidance will help you determine which thought patterns and belief systems are your own and which you have taken on from other people, be they friends, family or society in general. Once you know which ones are your own, releasing those that do not belong to you gets easier.


Today is all about trusting your feelings completely and sorting through your thoughts, perceptions, attitudes and what you believe. Just because you’ve believed things to be just so for a long time doesn’t mean that you can’t now change your mind.


Sometimes the realization that your thoughts, words and actions were based on an outdated belief system is a humbling but necessary experience. It can bring up feelings of fear and insecurity, as you take a look at your strongly held beliefs, perceptions, attitude and behaviour.


These structures have been already breaking up and you have been able to feel the turmoil within you for a while now. So today will bring you a sense of freedom and inspiration.


Let Life Experience inspire you to realize that your true security and strength lies within yourself and your relationship with the Divine and not in some false belief system or hiding your true self behind a more socially acceptable version of you.


When you re-connect to your true self, to the love and light you really are, the illusion of needing to hide is dismantled and with it the fear you have been feeling. Embrace this change and the feeling of being free and without the trappings of false attachments.

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