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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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King of Spring

March 14, 2017


Today someone will swoop in and help you get organized and start moving forward. This can be a person you meet, a post you read on the internet, something you hear on the radio or see on TV. It will grab your attention in a big way and really give you the push that you need.


This person you meet, hear on the radio, see on TV, or read something by, is very theatrical, very aware and very visionary. He or she is a natural born leader, knows how to bring out the best in others and not afraid to get things done. They are very reassuring and able to push aside all of your fears and doubts.


Let the King of Spring inspire you to reconnect to Source, who sustains and nourishes you, and heals all feelings of lack. To reconnect with the Divine, forgive yourself, do what needs to be done and follow your purpose, your inner guidance.


It is on your inner pastures where you can thoroughly digest everything you have previously experienced, find healing and nourish and recharge yourself. Here you will also find the happiness you so crave.


What you are truly searching for cannot be found on the outside, especially not through envy of others and thinking that you are in constant competition with the world. This way of thinking keeps you stuck, unable to move forward.


You are a wonderful and unique person, only you can do what you came here to do. No one else can fulfill this role, so in truth there is no competition. You can rest assured that even though you may be experiencing challenges right at this moment, this is part of your journey to something much more wonderful.

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