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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Ostara - The Spring Equinox

March 17, 2017


The time has come to step over the threshold - from winter into spring. A time to leave behind the darkness for good and really step into the light. A time of great change - a time to celebrate planting and the new crop season. A time of hope, great fertility, new growth and newborn animals.

On this day everything is in balance - night and day are of equal length - serenity - equilibrium. 


The light is now growing, as the days are getting longer and the Sun gains strength and becomes warmer. Everything is coming alive, sprouting, growing, as we celebrate the breath of spring. 


The symbols of Ostara are the egg and the hare. The egg is full of promise of new life, as it holds all potential within. The hare is sacred to the Goddess and a major symbol of fertility and abundance, as the hare can conceive while pregnant.

A lovely story from the west country:


Once upon a time the animal kingdom gathered together in a meeting of a flurry of great excitement. There was to be a very special party and a very special guest was coming to visit them. The very special guest was non other than the Goddess herself, and every creature wanted to give her a very special gift.

Now some of the animals were very rich and some were very poor, but off they went to prepare their gifts, for only the very very best would do for the Goddess. Hare was very excited, he dearly loved the Goddess and although he was very poor he had a big generous heart – he was going to giver her the very finest gift he could find.

Hare rushed home to see what he could find to give to the Goddess – he looked everywhere, in the cupboards and under the bed but there was nothing, even the larder was empty, he had absolutely nothing to give Her. Except for one thing. On the shelf in the larder was a single egg. And that was it. It was the only thing he had left. Hare gently took the egg out of the larder and lovingly decorated it and took it to the party.

Hare was very worried, all the other animals gave their gifts of gold and silver and precious jewels and all Hare had was the egg. Eventually all the gifts had been given and Hare was the very very last. Hare very shyly presented the Goddess with the egg. She took it and looked at him and saw the true spirit of Hare. And there and then the Goddess appointed Hare as her very special animal – because Hare had given away everything he had ...

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