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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Four of Winter

March 22, 2017


The changing of the seasons can bring with it some challenges. As the wheel of the year turns and the earth awakens, so does your inner self. Just as the seed is starting to sprout, grow and break through the earth, so do feelings that had been lying dormant through the winter months. This makes you feel insecure, confused and rather sorry for yourself.


Recognizing and looking at these feelings is not always easy, you would much rather ignore them and blend them out. Take your time, relax, take a breather from the chaos you are feeling. Try to stop worrying and take down your defenses. Put yourself in the hands of the Divine, of your Angels and Guides.


Let the Four of Winter inspire you to relax. When you relax, you are in the present moment. When you are in the present moment, you are one with Love and Peace. In this place you are safe, surrounded and protected by Love. Here you can meditate and explore your feelings, safe in the knowledge that they will not harm you.


Try and make some room in your life today for meditation, quiet contemplation, to re-evaluate your feelings and how they fit into your life. Ignoring it by keeping busy, won’t make these feelings disappear. Try to find some solitude, somewhere to retreat and reflect on your inner most secrets.


This way you will be able to rid yourself of stress and anxiety. You will be able to ground and re-charge yourself. Looking inward will really help you make the necessary changes and integrate your feelings into your life.

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