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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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June 20, 2017


At times you feel so lonely and that no one is really there for you to share things with. It is your biggest fear that you are completely alone and everyone turns away from you.


These feelings are secondary emotions that are conjured up by your Ego to keep you from making changes, as they make you unable to move forward.


It’s time to face this fear, because actually it is not the truth. You are NEVER alone! NEVER alone!!! You have your Guardian Angels with you at all times and you can call on all of the Angels and Archangels to help you meet like-minded people that understand you.


Today it is very important for you to Release this fear to the universe and ask for help from the Divine to show you the truth. Call on Archangel Azrael for comfort and guidance. He can help you feel spiritual love – a love that is completely pure and fills your whole being.


You are so loved and guided by your Angels and you are never alone. It’s time to stop turning away from this Love and calling it not real, because it is more genuine than anything you have ever experienced.


The more you open yourself up to this unconditional spiritual Love, the more fulfilled and whole you will feel. The more you allow this Love to enter your heart, the more you connect to the oneness. And then you know – you are never alone.

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