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March 10, 2019

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July 13, 2017


Through true understanding you can reach wise decisions and take action. When you say ‘Yes’ to one thing you normally need to say ‘No’ to another. Each of your choices sows seed into the world and future generations must live with what you decide today.


You may want to develop your ability to make sound judgments, as your decisions and choices should be well thought out. The present moment is a balance between the past and the future and it is here and now that you make your decisions.


Everyone acts, but all too often our actions are actually re-actions - either to external circumstances or to internal impulses. Today it is important for you to make a choice, but not as a re-action to something.


Find access to your objectivity and deepen your sense of the patterns and cycles of life. Remember – everything has its time and it is your task to act honestly and sincerely, especially towards yourself.


Take a look at your life – is everything balanced? Are you honest and fair towards yourself and others? When making a decision, you need to be able to assess if it is time for strictness - for discipline, for a ‘No’ or to let something go – for grace, for acceptance, for a ‘Yes’.


Let JUSTICE inspire you to make decisions with clarity, understanding and compassion while keeping in mind that the present moment is the balance between the past and the future.


Love & Blessings

Claudia xoxo

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