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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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New Moon in Leo

July 20, 2017


London – 23 July at 10.45 am

New York – 23 July at 5.45 am

Los Angeles – 23 July at 2.45 am

Sydney – 23 July at 7.45 pm


This New Moon is the first of the Leo New Moons, the second is on 21 August, which is coupled with a total Solar Eclipse in the United States, whose energies can be felt everywhere. On 7 August, there is a partial Lunar Eclipse, visible from the UK and Europe.  Also, we are leading up to the Lion’s Gate on 8 August 2017.


There are a lot of intense energies around, which means that the manifestation powers of your intention setting are extremely strong. So, be careful what you wish for because it may come true – and are you actually ready for it?


A New Moon is always a new beginning, a fresh start, a time to manifest your desires. Think of it as a blank page that you can write your dreams onto. As it propels forward, the energy is uplifting and energising.


This New Moon is in the generous, dominant and self-confident sign of Leo and the energy is rather dynamic, passionate and full of challenges. Try to perceive these challenges as opportunities to ascend to a higher level of understanding.


Self-confident Leo will help you paint an exciting picture of what you would like to achieve, so that you can inspire others with your vision. It’s time for you to connect deeply with the earth and her power, so you can really achieve your goals.


Before you can open yourself to a new life, your old ways of thinking, acting and feeling need to be completely released. You find this difficult to do, but it is the only way to open yourself up to a totally new beginning.


When you hold onto things longer than you should, anxiety and fear will rule your life instead of joy and trust. The more unconscious your reluctance to change, the more likely feelings of lethargy and idleness will creep in.


It’s time to find the security you are searching for from others within yourself. Leo will help clear out the old, so that you have room for this new You to develop.


You have a tendency to blame other people or outside circumstances for how you are feeling. Well, no more. It’s time to take a look at your shadows, to shine a light into your darkest corners and accept yourself fully.


Self-aware Leo will help you figure out which secondary benefits you admire so much that they stop you from becoming well. These may include that you can always use your illness as an excuse why you have to cancel appointments and why you can just take care of yourself.


It is okay for you to do this, as long as you are aware that it is you who is stopping your own recovery. Maybe it’s time to decide if these secondary benefits outweigh the pain and suffering you are experiencing.


Dedicated and optimistic Leo will help you open yourself up to Love, Trust and Abundance. It is all there for you to take, you may want to stop pushing it away or unconsciously blocking it.


Awaken your passion – what is it that you love to do? What makes your heart sing? If you are waiting for something to come about, what are you not seeing? Maybe there is something much better out there for you and you are ignoring it because you are so focussed on what you think is good for you.


Your stubbornness about thinking outside of the box is causing blockages that disable your creativity and make you powerless. Maybe this New Moon in Leo can help you clarify your relationship with the divine feminine and with that help you open up to all of the abundance and possibilities that surround you.


Love & Blessings

Claudia xxx

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