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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Dragonfae of Rebirth

September 29, 2017


When your Self is separate from your True Self it leads to a soul fracture that can only be healed by looking at your shadows. You fear these shadows because you misunderstand their purpose.


You fear your dark moments and loathe your shadows, but this is exactly where the deep knowledge of your heart and soul lie. It is here, in your underworld, where the seeds that you plant can flourish.


What you feel are dark and bad thoughts are in fact manifestations of your desire that your unauthentic self, the mask that you wear on the outside, will perish, so that you can be reborn as truly authentic.


This embracing of your true self will help you feel whole. When you connect with the DRAGONFAE OF REBIRTH they will encircle you, clear and cleanse your energy and enfold you with their energy.


The more you express your inner knowledge by connecting with others through healing circles, drumming circles or journeying and going deep within, the more you will heal. This will help you re-integrate aspects of yourself you have disowned which will help you become more balanced.


Love & Blessings

Claudia xxx



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