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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Full Moon in Taurus - 4 November 2017

November 3, 2017

St. Andrews – 5.22 am

New York – 1.22 am 

Los Angeles – 10.22 pm (3. November)

Sydney – 4.22 pm


As the Full Moon is the completion of a cycle, it is traditionally a time to release all that no longer serves your highest and best good. Let the light shine on everything that is interfering with your path and release what is blocking you.


This Full Moon is in the reliable, patient and responsible sign of Taurus and with that very grounding. Your sensible and practical side will come into its own, helping you to understand when to stand up and fight and when to take a step back and protect yourself.


Meditating under this Full Moon will really clear you of all the stale energy that has accumulated within you and has been draining you. Also, it may clear you of anything that is blocking you and then bring in fresh and revitalising energies, which will support you in seeing everything much clearer.


This Taurus Moon brings with it an energy of trust, which encourages you to believe in your family and friends and see them for what they truly are – people you can rely on. Open yourself up to the honesty that surrounds you, as this will help you let go of anything that is unreliable and untrue.


There is a celebration coming your way at work – maybe a new job, a promotion, a new business opportunity, new clients, etc. With this manifesting energy you will be able to achieve your set out goals and much more than you ever thought possible. Enjoy your success and keep on doing such a fabulous job.


Your secret weapon of this Taurus Moon is willpower. This means, you decide whether you feel good or bad, healthy or unwell. Your body is a genius and will give you great signs about what you may want to work on.


When you listen closely to our body and use your intuition and imagination, you will be astounded how great you can feel. You can overcome any health challenge, as long as you work with your body and don’t fight against it.


Let this Full Moon in Taurus encourage you to use the magic that surrounds you to make your vision become your reality.


Love and Blessings

Claudia xxx


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