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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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The World

January 18, 2018


And we are back to finding our place in The World, as this is an ongoing process and will come up time and time again. Anchoring that feeling of happiness from yesterday deep within you, remembering how it felt, how it made you look at your life in a different way, will support you in this.


Forget about what others think, today is about what You think and feel. Take responsibility for yourself and for your life. Don’t leave what you will do next up to the decision of others or what they may do, or what they may want you to do.


Your cycle of pandering to the needs of others is over. Your next move, your next step should be about You and only YOU. No more “but maybe’s” or “what if’s” or “if only’s”. It’s now Your turn.


You will never find out who you truly are if you always do things in the hope it will impress others or make them notice you. Only by looking to yourself will you achieve this. The World is waiting to see the real, authentic and unique You, so, let yourself burst into life.


Love and Blessings

Claudia xxx



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