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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Morgan le Fay

March 30, 2018


“The Rhythm of Life is a powerful beat, puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your feet, rhythm in your bedroom, rhythm in the street, yes, The Rhythm of Life is a powerful beat.” (Sweet Charity)


Morgan le Fay comes to you today to let you know that the more you honour yourself by finding and living your own Rhythm of Life, the more you honour life itself. She wants to help you discover your own beat, so you don’t live by the rhythm of others.


By adapting to other people’s rhythm, you use up all of your life energy, making you feel tired and drained without knowing why. It is essential for you to dance to your own beat. This will provide you with more power, as you no longer suppress that which is natural to you.


The more you flow with your own personal Rhythm of Life instead of fighting against it, the more your life energy, well-being and success can blossom and grow. This is how you embrace, honour and love yourself fully.


Citrine will help you find and enjoy your own Rhythm of Life, as it promotes individuality, self-expression, self-confidence and courage. It helps you to free yourself from burdensome influences and encourages you to be open to new experiences.


Believe Essential Oil is stabilising and calming and opens your inner awareness to your potential. It helps you realise and believe in the infinite potential in yourself and assists you in discovering your very own Rhythm of Life.


Blessed be

Claudia xxx


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