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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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New Moon in Gemini – 13 June 2018 – Happiness

June 11, 2018


The New Moon is a symbolic portal for new beginnings, as it’s the start of a new lunar cycle. Now you can set new intentions, commit yourself to your dreams, visions and ideas and really open up to receive guidance.


This New Moon in curious, open-minded and affectionate Gemini brings with it an energy of overall well-being and luck. It will give your intentions, goals and dreams a push forward, as it lifts your attitude and mood. You will find yourself smirking and smiling at what is going on around you, as you just know how happy, content and lucky you really are.


Intellectual Gemini is inspiring you to search for people and places that you have a real connection with and with whom you can discuss anything that springs to mind. If they can follow your mind acrobatics, great, if not, you are easily bored and will move on to the next one who can. This way you are able to separate the wheat from the chaff going forward, as you don’t want to keep carrying those you do not have an intellectual rapport with any longer.


You will find that you are able to connect easily with your colleagues, customers or clients. You have understood what you want to do moving forward and this shows in the way you embrace those around you. The New Moon in Gemini really brings out your easy going, quick-witted and fun side, which helps you greatly when connecting with others.


This New Moon in Gemini helps you see both sides of the coin and understand that if you want to be there for others, you need to make yourself your number one priority. And this self-nurturing side is really coming out in the goals and intentions you are setting. This is Your time and you are enjoying it completely.


Let the energies of this New Moon in Gemini sweep you up in a happy, loving and warm embrace that allows you to develop your dreams, goals and intentions for your highest and best good.


Blessed be

Claudia xxx



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