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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Lady of the new Buds

July 7, 2018


There are areas in your life in need of profound change or transformation, but you are holding back, frightened to let go of the person you believe you must be, frightened of stepping out of your comfort zone, frightened of taking that first step.


It’s okay to feel like this. Give yourself some room to breathe and to lighten up. Bring some joy and colour into your life today. Go back to the little things and tend them like budding flowers. Open your senses to the aroma of living in the moment.


Divine guidance needs practical application and work, so do what you can now and remember, that slow and mindful changes are the ones that last a lifetime, laying a good foundation for contentment.


Green Tourmaline (Verdelite) is a ‘growth crystal’, allowing you to be more expressive and less fearful of change. It enhances courage, strength and vitality and helps you ‘see with the heart’, so that you can witness the miracles of life.


Believe Essential Oil supports you in knowing that you can make that change, but first you must believe you can! It helps you realise and believe in the infinite potential in yourself, so you can become empowered.


Blessed be

Claudia xxx   


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