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March 10, 2019

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July 19, 2018


You are always to busy with one thing or another and don’t take time to rest and fully absorb and integrate what you have experienced. Even during your personal downtime you distract yourself with things like TV, music, internet, gaming, etc.


Try to make your downtime free from these kinds of distractions today, as it is the balance between work and downtime that creates real inner harmony. And it is this inner harmony that helps you manage your sensitivities so that you don’t go into overwhelm.


Chrysocolla promotes balance, level headedness, clarity of thought and a calm neutral attitude during times of turbulence. It’s a stone of peace, tranquility, patience and unconditional love, whose gentle and soothing qualities help you find inner harmony.


Harmony Essential Oil promotes and helps to create harmony in all areas of our life, no matter what seems to be out of balance. It opens you up to creating mindful time to yourself, so you can find peace of mind which helps you manage your sensitivities.


Blessed be

Claudia xxx   


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