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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Nut - Mystery

October 12, 2018

It’s a mystery, oh it’s a mystery, I’m still searching for a clue – Toyah Wilcox sang in the 80s – and that’s what we are doing, always looking, always trying to control every part of our lives. But this is the thing, when we do that, we miss out on exactly this - the mystery.


To allow yourself to view things from a different perspective, to shift your perception of your reality, Nut says the way to nurture yourself is for you to trust that the mystery you let in will be exactly what you need for your journey.


Allowing things to unfold in your life, without planning, without following your superficial wants, surrendering to the magick and mystery is exactly what you need. It will stir up your passion and motivate you.

  • To support yourself in this process, you can use the following crystal and/or essential oil:

Celestite allows you to open up to the mystery and magick, as it helps you experience a wonderful sense of peace, an elevation of spirit and an overwhelming awareness of belonging, not just to mankind but to the universe and all that dwells there.


White Angelica Essential Oil helps you let go of any kind of superficial wants, encourages you to surrender to the mystery and magick around you while at the same time feeling protected and safe.


Blessed be

Claudia xxx   


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