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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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The Shadow Side

November 5, 2018

Today The Shadow Side sends you a message from your fears. Your fears are coming up over and over again because they want to be heard, acknowledged, seen and loved. They want you to listen, to really hear them.


Fear wants a place at the table of your advisers, as it has so much to offer. You see, fear isn’t bad, it’s not something you should ignore, suppress or repress. Fear is built into your genetic inheritance in order to stay alive.


Fear is trying to help you survive and even thrive. But for you to be able to utilise its valuable advice you need to open up a conversation with your fears and find out what they are trying to tell you. Remember, fear is not separate from, but another expression of Love.


  • To support yourself in this process, you can use the following crystal and/or essential oil:


Amethyst crystal will surround you in its wonderful energies and with that make you feel completely safe and protected, so that you can open up to have a deep conversation with your fears.


White Angelica Essential Oil helps you to feel your guardian angels holding you in their loving embrace. They are holding this safe space for you so that you can open up to your fears and allow them to advise you.


Blessed Be

Claudia xxx   


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