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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Amaterasu - Beauty

November 9, 2018

Today Amaterasu wants you to think about where you have been ignoring your own beauty, where you are not letting it shine out into the world. You see, if you ignore your own beauty, you also ignore the beauty that is all around you, as everything is interconnected.


“If you look around, the whole world is coming together now. Can you feel it? Feel it in the air, the wind is taking it everywhere. Can you feel it? All the colours of the world should be

loving each other wholeheartedly.


Yes, it's all right, take my message to your brother and tell him twice. Spread the word and try to teach the man who's hating his brother, when hate won't do. When we're all the same, 'cause the blood inside me is inside you. Now tell me, can you feel it?”


Let go of your preconceptions about what beauty is and allow it to be.  Wholeness is nurtured when we celebrate all our aspects, no matter what they are. Remember, we are all interconnected, the blood inside me is inside of you. Can you feel it?


  • To support yourself in this process, you can use the following crystal and/or essential oil:


Jade shows you your beauty, your vitality, your worth and what your soul is really about, by dissolving any limitations you have put on yourself. It also inspires you to notice how interconnected everything is.


Lady Sclareol Essential Oil is a beautiful blend of oils that brings love to the heart. It enhances your true beauty and helps you see it shine all around you. This oil assists you in feeling the connection you have with everyone and everything around you.


Blessed Be

Claudia xxx    


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Song quoted: “Can you feel it” by the Jackson 5


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