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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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December 20, 2018


Arcturus brings you ancient wisdom from the time before time, from the time when it all began. He will tell you these stories, if you are prepared to listen and throw all you think you know overboard. There is so much he can teach you, about how to listen, how to tune in, how to go forward.


There is something important you should know right now. It isn’t always good to do what everyone else is doing, to go in the same direction as they are. Sometimes you have to make your own decision, even if that means taking a different path, a new path, a path no one has ever taken before.


Before time, before humans, there were many paths to take, the earth was full of ancient pathways, of ancient lines. But then these paths became forgotten, were built over. And now they cannot be seen. But they can be felt. This is what you can do. Tune in and feel them, uncover these lines, these roads, these paths. This is the road less travelled. Today anyway.


Let the old man, the keeper of the heavens, the first one, show you the way. Go towards him, step by step. He will lead you, guide you, support you. He will tell you the stories, he will help you uncover what you need to know. Let him be your teacher, your healer.


Shake off what you think you know, what you have heard, read in books, seen on TV or in movies. Let go of your preconceived ideas about how things should be. Go into silence, into contemplation. Go into your heart space, your soul space, your strength. Be courageous, be different, be You.


  • To support yourself in the process you can use the following crystal and/or essential oil:


K2 is a newly discovered stone found in the foothills of the K2 mountain. It is very grounding, helping you to connect deeply with the ancient wisdom of the earth and beyond, allowing you to uncover old paths of knowledge and wisdom held within you.


Cistus (Rose of Sharon) Essential Oil is calming and releasing, helping you let go of preconceived ideas about how things are or how they should be. It helps to quiet the mind and has been used for meditation practices for centuries.


Blessed be

Claudia xxx


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