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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Six of Pentacles & Melchizadek

January 9, 2019

You are a beautiful, unique person with a set of talents that set you apart from everyone else and is something only you can do. You were chosen for something specific, to give this gift, this special something, to the world, to serve your purpose.


You can find out what this purpose is by asking yourself why. Why do you want to do this particular thing? More why questions. Every time you come up with an answer, more why questions, until you reach the answer that you have to choke on to say out loud.


There is no need to be afraid of what you may want to do, no need to be afraid of what this may entail. Don’t judge your desires and let go of pre-conceived notions and ideas you have picked up or been taught.


The Six of Pentacles reminds you that giving and receiving are intertwined, one doesn’t work right without the other. Keep this in mind when you go out there serving your purpose. Your time and effort are valuable.


It’s neither your obligation nor your duty to just give it away for free, an energy exchange needs to happen, otherwise you deplete yourself. Even your Angels receive a continuous energy exchange from the Divine so that they can perform their duties.


Melchizadek rests on the space between limitlessness and limited space and time. Here he acts as the conduit carrying the energy from the Divine into the Angelic Continuum – the constant energy exchange between the Angels and the Divine.


Believe Essential Oil opens your inner awareness for yourself – for who you are, what your purpose is and that your time and effort are valuable commodities. It empowers you by helping you realise and believe in the infinite potential within yourself.


Blessed Be

Claudia xxx



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