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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Eight of Cups & Malek Taus

January 17, 2019

Sometimes life happens, we get sidetracked and take a turn that takes us away from our path for a while. And that is okay. But now you have noticed that somewhere along the line you have swayed off course.


There is no reason to despair or feel guilty. These things happen, they are a part of this wondrous ride you are on called life. Once you notice it, there is nothing stopping you from stepping right back onto your path. Well, maybe, except yourself.


And this is okay, too. It can be difficult, because it takes self-forgiveness. This means letting go of any feelings of guilt you are harbouring inside of you. And these feelings don't have to make sense to anyone but yourself.


Malek Taus, the Angel of Redemption, can show you how to let go of these feelings. He has experienced how to do this first hand and says that everyone and everything can be redeemed, but only if you begin this process by forgiving yourself.


Forgiveness Essential Oil is a powerful spiritual blend that supports you in releasing feelings of guilt, revenge, betrayal, distrust and denial. It can help you understand that everything can be redeemed when you take the first step and begin forgiving yourself.


Blessed be
Claudia xxx



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