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The Lovers, Ace of Swords, The Sun & The Emperor

March 10, 2019

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Victim blaming and light-washing in the Spiritual Community

January 28, 2019

This morning I woke up and I was ablaze, I could feel it running through my veins, gurgling through my whole body. I could hear a calling from far away, and as the day has gone on, this calling has become louder and louder.


I’m not always the most vocal and lots of times I hide behind other trailblazers, but this urge is so strong now, that this just cannot be contained any longer.


Something about this whole Doreen Virtue PR stunt is bugging me so much – and that is the victim blaming and shaming, the light-washing and the excuses. If you haven’t heard of it just jet, you can find a fabulous article about it here.


Why is there no debate about the victims of this whole saga, especially the animals that were horded, so that they could be props in her video and when she changed her course of action, were discarded by being sold. And yes, there is actual video evidence of this here.


Why is no one making it about all those people who were defrauded by her?

Why is there no outcry about what has been going on?


Well, and I may sound just a tad cynical here, it wouldn’t make anyone any money, would it! Yes, that’s why no one is talking about the actual victims.


Her publisher, or ex-publisher, I’m not really sure on that one, is still selling her books, video courses and cards all over the world. They are still milking their cash cow for all she’s worth.


All the A-listers in the spiritual community are frightened they will lose followers and with that clients and with that money, so they deem anyone speaking out as negative or jealous, or of lower energies, or whatever else they can come up with. This is light-washing and victim shaming at its best.


And yes, by sharing her blog post we are pandering to her PR needs. And what a coup this is. You know what they say, even bad publicity is good publicity. And by sharing it over and over again and debating it widely, we are giving her exactly the ‘persecution’ she needs to be believable and trustworthy in the eyes of the new community she is now associated with.


It seems so easy to find excuses of why Doreen is doing what she’s doing, she’s possessed, brainwashed, follows a dark god, etc. So, we excuse the perpetrator and blame the victim.


Hold on, why is this happening exactly? Why are we as a community behaving like this?


There aren’t many people who are speaking out, well, I know only one who has been standing up for the victims from the start and she has been called all sorts and has even been actually threatened.


Victim blaming and shaming.




I know that it’s hard and scary to speak up, but come on now, you can do it. It’s okay, you can speak up from a place of love.

Love doesn’t equal light-washing by making up excuses for the perpetrator. Love doesn’t equal looking the other way.


Love means standing up and being counted.

Love means speaking out for the victim.

Love means being in the corner of the victim.

Love means giving the victim a helping hand.


I have been listening to my soul today and it wanted me to speak out loud - and free the frightened part within me that wants to hide and look the other way.




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