Divination (from the Latin 'divinare' - 'to foresee') is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by using different techniques.


Different forms of divination have been used since prehistoric times, and one of the most famous and powerful women to practice the art of divination was Pythia, the 'Oracle of Delphi'.

You can ask about anything, as long as the question is precise, the answers you can get will astound you.


Bear this in mind though: the future isn't fixed, it is determined by your actions and decisions. Merely tendencies are visible. In the presence however, new insights or perspectives can be found.


The Tarot as we know it today, first appeared in 15th century Italy as a series of intricately painted works of art used to play games. In the 18th and 19th century Tarot was taken up wholeheartedly by occult and esoteric societies for use in divination.

The Tarot can help you gain insights into situations, give you encouragement, hope and guidance on how to navigate any kind of challenges. Through a reading you will receive help and support in making wise, clear and powerful decisions.

A Tarot reading will always give you a choice you can take and implement, but you don't have to. Tarot can uncover the root of your current situation and give you a clearer outlook about what you would like to achieve.

You have the possibility to open your heart and your mind, gain more clarity about your situation and get a strong sense about your next steps.

You will feel seen and understood and walk away feeling at peace and energised, with a deep understanding of your situation and what you can do next.

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