Tarot Coaching, Soul-Goddess Mentoring Programme and Distant Reiki available online in English & German

Reiki Sessions and Reiki Training Level I & II available in person in English & German

Work With Me

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Tarot Coaching will help you gain insights into situations, give you encouragement, hope and guidance on how to navigate potential challenges. You will receive help and support in making wise, clear and powerful decisions.

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You can choose between in person or distance Reiki (just as effective as in person sessions) sessions, or book Reiki training Level I or Level II.

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The Soul-Goddess Mentoring Programme is more than a consultation, it is more than a conversation in which you can find the answers to your deepest questions. Soul-Goddess mentoring is a completely confidential intimate encounter between You and Me. A deep connection, a road map to your innermost soul chronicles.